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A Few Fixes for the Star Wars Prequels

A Few Fixes for the Star Wars Prequels

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Its commonplace for bloggers, especially Star Wars fans, to criticise the prequel trilogy (I didn't even use capitalised letters, as I would have done for The Original Trilogy...). There is more than a majority of the fandom who see it as inferior to the trilogy that started it all and took us into this crazy, wonderful universe. But if there were a way to go back in time and fix things, how would I have done it? Now, keep in mind, I'm no George Lucas obviously, but if in some universe I were handed the intellectual rights to the franchise what would I have done? Let me list my perfect Star Wars prequel trilogy requirements.

First off, the Jedi would be much rarer and much more powerful than as depicted in the prequel trilogy. The very lore and myth surrounding the old Republic as shown in the Original Trilogy gave me this feeling that they were knights of another era, and given how powerful they were, they couldn't be as common as soldiers in an army. This point illustrates itself in the climax of Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, where a large swath of Jedi knights are fighting the disposable droid army and many of them, for some reason, die fighting droids with blasters! Another scene which clearly ruins the myth and lore surrounding the power of the Jedi is Palpatine's reveal in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, where Mace Windu, along with 3 other Jedi masters, goes to arrest the Chancellor. The Chancellor suddenly reveals his own lightsaber, and then proceeds to quickly cut down 3 of the Jedi masters instantaneously, like it was their first time ever holding a lightsaber! Finally, and most memorably, the execution of Order 66, where the clones kill their Jedi generals, was probably the scene that, sad as it was, reinforces the trend in the prequels that Jedi other than the ones with dialogue are as disposable as the droid army itself. Scenes like those would have to go away. In my vision, there would have to be no doubt that the Jedi are powerful keepers of the peace, just as the original trilogy hints at.

"I am a Jedi like my father before me." 
But the Jedi were total chumps in the prequels, Luke!

Image from wookiepedia.com

Next, 70% of Episode 1 would be eradicated from memory. All the boring politics, the talking, and the damn Midichlorians. (Midichlorians is probably the primary destroyer of the power of the Original Trilogy. Instead of the Force being this sort of intrinsic thing that flows through the universe, Episode one presents it as some things present in blood... Completely ruining the power of the phenomenon). More Darth Maul would be in order, because how great was he, right? I would probably not even choose to go in the direction, script-wise, that The Phantom Menace took. I would not have gone to the extent of presenting Anakin Skywalker from his childhood. The first time he is ever mentioned in the saga, in Episode 4: A New Hope, old Ben Kenobi says to Luke that he was a Jedi Knight and the best pilot ever, and that's where I would have started it off. Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting off FORMIDABLE foes, introducing the student-teacher dynamic that was hinted at in the Original Trilogy. 

I would also introduce the character ARC 5555 from the Clone Wars animated series, also known as Fives, he's one of the clone army's best soldiers and it would be interesting to see what he would have done during Order 66, I would want to see him extremely conflicted about executing his programming to kill his Jedi friends and generals. 

The reason for Anakin to turn to the dark side as done in the prequel trilogy is reasonably ok, but at the very end of it, you end up extremely confused. His only reason for turning is to attempt to save Padmé from dying, but even upon learning of her death (And after a terrible cliché "NOOOO!" moment), he just stays on with Darth Sideous (Palpatine) for reasons unexplained, looking on as the first Death Star undergoes construction. In summary, it starts out ok, even though the execution of it is sloppy, but in the end it makes no sense whatsoever. If I had my way, the turn of Anakin into Darth Vader would have to have more nuances to it than just love for someone else. The primary reason for his turn would be him being swayed on his beliefs in the very philosophy of the Jedi order. Now, although Episode 3 does touch the surface of this for a bit, it regrettably takes the back seat to Anakin's romance (which is so awfully written, I can't even begin to...).  

And finally, I would want to explore the past of Palpatine himself as a character. I would want to see him being trained and under the supervision of Darth Plaguies, his master, and I want to see Palpatine's reasons and motivations for killing his master. Instead of just referring to events in dialogue that would have been way more interesting to see themselves, I would show those said events.  

You see, even just reading this makes you more interested in the past of the Original Trilogy right? I told you I'm the best... Just kidding, if you agree or disagree with my artistic vision for the prequels of Star Wars, do comment below and tell me what you would have done! Thanks for reading.

P.S. Obi Wan was awesome in both trilogies, and Jar Jar Binks would not exist in my version. 

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